RankPay Alternative

Because Long Term Contracts and Paying Too Much for SEO is Frustrating

Yikes, we know you have to pay for SEO, but being locked into a 6 month contract even if you aren't happy in month 2 is a long-road of disappointment. The pay per performance model is solid, but it appears to be "nickel and diming" the customer as Yahoo and Bing are priced concurrently, meaning you will end up paying much more than you originally thought you would.

This is an Apples to Apples comparison. If you wanted to rank this website:


for "Atlanta Chiropractor" the cost with SafeRankBacklinks is $167 per month, meanwhile its $426 per month in RankPay. Let's also consider that contracts are 6 months long with RankPay.

After 6 Months:

$167 x 6 = $1002

$426 x 6 = $2556

That's literally paying more than double (2.5X) for your SEO! I don't know about you, but I don't like overpaying for anything.

Search Engine Optimization is about doing everything possible with a long term focus in mind. SafeRankBacklinks is a MONTH to MONTH service, meaning you can cancel anytime. Because of this, we have a vested interest in not only ranking your website in Google, Bing and Yahoo, but keep you there long term; if we don't we know we'll lose your business, and we want to EARN your business every month.

  • No Contracts

    Month to Month, cancel anytime. We want to grow your business, and in turn become more successful, not trick you into a long term contract.

  • No Risk For 60 Days

    SafeRankBacklinks is ready to put its money where its mouth is. With around 89% success rate, if we don’t improve your website rankings we’ll refund with a BIG SMILE on our face knowing we did everything possible on our end. However, our goal is to make your life easier, rank your websites, and keep them there at a very affordable/low cost.

  • Trusted By SEO Experts

    Look up BacklinksIndexer and Crowd Search Me on Youtube and Google. You’ll see we have been promoted by major SEO heavyweights such as Jonathan Leger, Magic Submitter, SEnuke, Terry Kyle, Social Monkee, and thousands of others.

    We are the SEOs secret SEO weapon, and we want to grow with you. If you are a business owner and lucky enough to find us, know that we are a major wholesaler, and you are getting it direct from the SEO horse’s mouth. If you are a reseller, know you are buying quality at the lowest reseller rate possible.

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