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A White Label Wholesale SEO Company Born Out of Necessity.

After successfully dominating a top 10 fastest growing city in America (Atlanta), we quickly realized we needed a way to systemize and scale our Organic SEO operations. At the time we were ordering individual services, and sending reports to team members to put together. It was MADNESS, and we were spinning our wheels. Dan, then set out to create a piece of software that would streamline the entire process, both with skilled human labor, and "unskilled, monotonous tasks", coupled with a proprietary software which partnered us with thousands of websites and blog owners.

As you can see we dominate a major US City both in Google and Bing, both #1 in map and regular listings. Our clients usually want Google Adwords PPC and Organic SEO. Servicing the PPC was not an issue as have experts, but scaling the Organic SEO operations was extremely difficult. Whereas other "Wholesale" or "whitelabel" seo companies exist because they can not win in a competitive market, SafeRankBacklinks was birthed out of necessity, because we needed a way to service our existing clients, which is a huge difference. By using SafeRankBacklinks you are getting the same power that agencies all throughout America, Canada and UK are marking up 2x, 3x, 4x, and even 5x monthly.

Dan Anton: SafeRankBacklinks SEO Software Creator

Dan Anton is a retired Infantry Army Ranger Major, who served two tours in Iraq, where he received 2 bronze stars for valor in combat. Can read an interview by Curtez Riggs from the Military Guide published here.

After being stationed in Fort Benning, Georgia, Dan created SEO software such as BacklinksIndexer and Crowd Search Me, which have thousands of active users. He moved to Atlanta where he formed Atlanta SEO, a client facing marketing agency that predominately sells Google Adwords, Bing PPC and Organic SEO.

Through his vast connections and computer science background Dan has created software applications for Organic SEO such as BacklinksIndexer and Crowd Search Me, which services thousands of users each day, which have been active, supported and updated for over 6 years!, which is a testament to his military background for commitment to excellence, providing value, and not abandoning a project.

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Matt Anton: SafeRankBacklinks Team Leader

Matt Anton was the online marketing manager of Liberty Travel, a billion dollar travel agency, where he managed a 250,000 per month budget for PPC, SEO, Social Media, Email, and Media buys. Since 2006 he has been involved with Organic SEO, and has performed over 1000 personal 1 on 1 consultations via phone, email or video.

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